A Tropical Destination In Queensland, Australia

If you wish to get away from the cold winter months in Australia or wish to explore the tropical regions of the country, Cairns could be your travel destination this summer. Even if the rest of the country is experiencing winter at this time of the year, Cairns will give you sunny beaches and a tropical climate to relax in. Given the unique history and culture of the place, it is definitely a unique holiday destination to consider. 

History of Cairns

When you come to Cairns, the fifth most populous city in Queensland, you would know that this was a proper British settlement area that was mapped by James Cook around 1770. He named it the Trinity Bay and it turned out to be a major port area, known for trade of minerals, metals, sugar cane, and gold among other items. If you are traveling here with a group, avail of convenient charter tours that will take you around the important landmarks in and around this area. You will explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef as well as other port and bay side areas.

Traveling to and from Cairns

If you are new to Cairns and wondering about the most convenient mode of transport, you will have several choices. With rental agencies you can opt for a convenient airport shuttle that ply regularly to the important parts of the city. With small intervals of time you can get a shuttle ride to and from different areas of Cairn.

Places to visit

Besides the Great Barrier Reef there are several beaches, mangrove swamps and other unique landscape areas to visit and explore around this region. Enjoy the mild winter sun and the balmy weather as you visit the foreshore tourist destinations, the Mulgrave River which runs through Goldsbrough valley or the CBD of the city that will help you explore the commercial and urban landmarks of the area. The provincial flavor of the city is evident from the urban layout where there are beach communities predominant in the north, while the suburbs have inland surrounded by mountains like the Great Dividing Range. You will also find the floodplains in the southern part of the city, areas like the Freshwater valley.If you wish to get a charter tour around the region, it would be best to look up travel packages that tour and travel operators offer. You could also hire a rental car and go about the region as per your convenience. , any rental agencies also offer standard tour packages for the city.